Fionas ideal donk gliding on a prick Fionas ideal donk gliding on a prick

When Fiona ambled right by us in a skin-tight miniskirt, we were locked in on that butt like a warmth seeking missile. She was a Bad Mutha and had revved around and came back when we called out to her. After some sincere saucy chat and persuasion, Tony got her to suspend out for drinks. Once Fiona was a lil loose, she revved into a utter freak, so we headed back to the apartment. There she gave a beautiful striptease, inhaled some mean dick, and leaped on the man meat and railed it until she was dribbling in sweat. The romp was nothing brief of an all out frenzy. But if you think thats intense, just wait until you watch Fiona treating a knob up her butt in anal.

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