Rayveness and Kris Slater in My Pals Sizzling Mummy Rayveness and Kris Slater in My Pals Sizzling Mummy

Rayveness hasnt seen her sonny in a few days since she and her spouse penniless the news to him that theyre divorcing, so she visits his superb friend Kris to ask if he knows his whereabouts. She assumes her sonny is staying with the fresh dame hes seeing, but Kris doesnt truly want to get into the middle of family stuff ?? until his buddies mommy captures and caresses his cock, begging what itll take. After he unsheathes the truth, Rayveness is willing to prize her sonnies acquaintance with a ultra cute muddy blow job and a rigid fuck. Kris doesnt want to get inbetween family, but he will get inbetween a cute pair of tits!

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Once Fiona was a lil  loose... Once Fiona was a lil loose...

When Fiona ambled right by us in a skin-tight miniskirt, we were locked in on that rump like a fever seeking missile. She was a Bad Mutha and had revved around and came back when we called out to her. After some sincere tastey chat and persuasion, Tony got her to suspend out for drinks. Once Fiona was a tiny loose, she revved into a utter freak, so we headed back to the apartment. There she gave a mind blowing striptease, deepthroated some mean dick, and hopped on the chisel and railed it until she was dribbling in sweat. The lovemaking was nothing brief of an all out frenzy. But if you think thats intense, just wait until you watch Fiona treating a prick up her donk in anal.

Channel: HDZog